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    S. Washington
    Hi. Giving u an update on the curse spell. I talked with him today over the phone. after almost a month without answering his calls. he was telling me things haven’t been doing right for him. the Job he was working at he don’t have anymore. A guy he was working around dropped a pot of hot grease and the the grease hit him. So him and the boy got into it . he have severe burns all over his chest and back [laughing emoji] funny thing is, he said he was the only one got hit. his depression has gotten worst. he texted me last night saying he wants to die. He’s in alot of pain with bad headaches and his mom don’t want to take him to the hospital after asking her. He lost his phone last week around the house and just found it today but still can’t use it cause his phone is turned off. he don’t have any money to pay the bill so he using his sister tablet to make calls. LOL

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