Powerful Dragons Claw

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A Powerful Dragons Claw Spell Talisman blessed (by the spirit with whom I work) with 5 spells: power, wealth, love, astral power, and cleansings. See full description below.

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I offer a dark arts Dragons Claw Necklace spelled in ritual by my spirit with 5 blessings:

  • Power – Wear when performing any spell or ritual to add a powerful boost to your workings. Aids in faster manifestation of all your spells.
  • Wealth – Spelled with powerful wealth and prosperity spell to bring you luck and good fortune.
  • Love – Draw in your soulmate, fix your life in many areas of love, beauty and youth, be desirable to the opposite or same sex, boost confidence, wit, and psychic ability.
  • Astral Power – Aids in the ability to astral travel and helps with lucid dreaming protection.
  • Cleansings – Wear the amulet to attach to your aura and cleanse after rituals or performing baneful magick.

I only have one of these and will offer every 5 months. Each spell on this amulet was done on the full moon of each month for 5 months. This necklace is very time consuming and the spells are lengthy. Do not let this item pass you by.

2 reviews for Powerful Dragons Claw

  1. Verified Customer Review

    I cannot say enough about the quality and exceptional customer service this shop offers!! My sister and I have made several purchases and the energy you receive after opening the package is simply amazing!!! Her potions were like heave to my skin and relaxed me like nothing else!! Anytime I had any questions she was pleased to help me and her energy was genuine!! I will always keep coming back to this shop no matter what!! Thank you Blaccwidow!!

    My husband actually bought me the necklace as a late mother’s day gift!!!

  2. Verified Customer Review

    For my dragon claw necklace I wear it every day every night and people are so nice with me at work there is happiness and there’s love always around me. Thank you very much [high five emoji]

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